Fostering Body Positivity in Young Children

I have been practicing psychotherapy for close to 18 years now. In this time, I’ve focused most of my work on the treatment of eating disorders. Having suffered with an eating disorder in high school, prevention, education, and treatment have become my passion.   In 2014, after a series of health and emotional struggles, I […]

A Christian Counselor’s Perspective on Codependency

Mark is a sweet and caring guy and is well liked by all his friends. He is also considered thoughtful and a good listener. Mark takes care of everyone and does everything people ask him to do. Yesterday he drove his friend to the airport, helped his uncle landscape his yard, and then came home […]

Body Image: 5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Body

Do you ever feel disconnected from your body? Like the two of you are separate entities? Or more like enemies? In college, I used to have many moments when my body would feel foreign. My body just didn’t feel like my own, and I’d walk around in a haze. These feelings were especially palpable on […]

What are Personality Disorders?

Personality is the way of thinking, feeling and behaving that makes a person different from other people. An individual’s personality is influenced by experiences, environment (surroundings, life situations) and inherited characteristics. A person’s personality typically stays the same over time. A personality disorder is a way of thinking, feeling and behaving that deviates from the […]

3 Ways to Care for Your Depressed Friend

Depression doesn’t feel like any other illness. Depression scared me. It scared me to feel like I was drowning in an abyss. It scared me to look in the mirror and not recognize myself, or worse, hate the person I saw. It scared me because I felt so hopeless. As the friend or family member […]