A Good Marriage is a Safe Marriage

A Good Marriage is a Safe Marriage by Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D. A healthy marriage is one in which both members of the couple feel safe. It is only when there is a foundation of safety that the individuals as well as the couple can grow and mature. With it comes the intimacy that is only […]

6 Tips to Help Summer Depression

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The kids are out of school. Your neighbors are whistling on their way to work, greeting you with an enthusiasm peculiar to warm weather. And if you hear one more person ask you about your summer vacation plans, you will throw a US map and atlas at them. You don’t mean to be grumpy. But […]

5 Myths about Parenting

Parenting tips are aplenty. It can seem like there’s a new trend every week boasting about the best way to raise your kids or warning about the worst. With so many prescriptions for good parenting, naturally, it can quickly get confusing and frustrating. Below, we asked two psychologists to share the most common myths — […]

Having Difficult but Effective Conversations

There is simply no way to get through life successfully and sanely, without having to sit down with someone to have “the talk.” Whether it’s your spouse, a family member, someone you’re dating, a friend or a work colleague, things just come up that rub us the wrong way, or are actually crises, that must […]

How To Help Your Anxious Child + Tips For Raising Mentally Strong Children

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Being a parent can be challenging, especially when it comes to teaching your child how to handle the hard stuff in life. There is a thin line between being overprotective and being overcritical, and often there are situations where doing or saying the right thing seems impossible. In this week’s blog and podcast, I speak […]

5 Things Every Teen Needs

Are you baffled by your teenager’s behavior? Welcome to the club. Please step inside my office. Let’s eavesdrop on other parents:     “My son doesn’t sleep at night, so he can’t wake up in the morning.”     “My daughter procrastinates until she has a panic attack, then I have one myself!”     “My kid’s bedroom […]

7 Ways to Create Emotional Safety in Your Relationship

Understanding how to create emotional safety is key to fostering meaningful connections and healthy relationships.     Emotional safety is the foundation for a loving and healthy relationship. It’s about establishing trust with another person and feeling safe enough to be open and vulnerable with them.     To put it simply, emotional safety is feeling secure […]

10 Tips For Raising Resilient Kids

While adulthood is filled with serious responsibilities, childhood isn’t exactly stress-free. Kids take tests, learn new information, change schools, change neighborhoods, get sick, get braces, encounter bullies, make new friends and occasionally get hurt by those friends.     What helps kids in navigating these kinds of challenges is resilience. Resilient kids are problem solvers. They […]

Relationship Real Talk: Marriage Communication Problems and Solutions

You can’t build a house without the foundation, right? That’s what communication is to a marriage: brick and mortar. Most of us have had moments in marriage where we want to say something to our partner but we simply can’t find the words. Instead, we bury it, avoid the conversation, or even hope that our […]

Here’s How to Navigate Parenting Stress

If you feel like your little ones require a Mount Everest level of patience lately, you aren’t alone.   Throw in 2 years of adjusting to the way the pandemic toppled everyone’s routine, and it’s no wonder why some parents are reportedly more stressed today.   Practicing healthy stress management can help you and those […]