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Marriage Counseling

“The counseling my husband and I received at The Timothy Center was invaluable to our marriage. Though the process was sometimes tough, we grew in our communication skills and developed a new level of intimacy and understanding. Our counselor made us feel comfortable no matter what the topic of conversation, and offered guidance that both challenged and encouraged us.”

“The Timothy Center is the only place I’d recommend to anyone I meet that requires any form of counseling.  The staff and especially the owner Jimmy are phenomenal at what they do, and how they do it. I have seen Jimmy Myers personally for marriage counseling/couples counseling, and I was so comfortable, and encouraged every step of the way.  His insight, and ability to remain neutral regardless of the situation was very helpful. If you want to get help, without judgement, from a staff of more than qualified individuals this is the place for you.”

Family Counseling

“We came to the Timothy Center hoping our counselor could give us some peace with our angry 8-year-old son. We were stuck in a cycle of his disrespect and meltdowns leading to exhaustion. The Timothy Center welcomed us with an inviting environment and an nonthreatening process that could engage our son. After just a month or two of individual and family sessions, we were quick to see a change in our relationships. We are hopeful that this new peace in our family will be lifelong, but we are confident that the Timothy Center is there as “backup” if we again go off the rails.”

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling
“I brought my son to The Timothy Center due to my recent divorce. Our counselor could not have been better. He took time really build a bond with my son. I was amazed at how receptive my son was to therapy!”

“We brought our daughter to The Timothy Center due to her issues with eating. Our counselor was fantastic! She lovingly communicated Biblical truth to her and we are so thankful for The Timothy Center.”

of IOP patients describe reduced symptoms within 6 weeks of therapy.