What We Do

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) integrates and applies Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills training to help your teen, spouse or self. Our group skills training will assist with:

* Anger

* Sadness and depression

* Urges to self-harm

* Thoughts of suicide

* Eating and Food Issues

* Addiction

* Posttraumatic Stress

* Relationship stress and conflicts

For more information email iop@timothycenter.com.

Note: While our program integrates DBT, our IOP does not provide the full DBT protocol.

The Timothy Center’s Teen Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Austin, Texas, provides evidence-based psychiatric treatment and holistic care for adolescents seeking mental health recovery. The program offers:

  • Intensive support and flexibility, allowing patients to maintain daily life activities
  • A comprehensive approach to mental health care, including:
    • Therapeutic sessions using principles from evidence-based treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
    • Group activities and multi-family group therapy for personal growth, community building, and spiritual development
    • Various program components such as:
      • Holistic healing practices addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
      • Psychoeducation to empower patients with knowledge about their mental health conditions and self-care strategies
      • Skill-building sessions focusing on stress management, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills

The dedicated team of professionals at The Timothy Center provides personalized, compassionate care and expertise in mental health and faith-based approaches. The admission process is simple, involving a comprehensive assessment, treatment planning, insurance coverage, and payment options. The Timothy Center’s Teen PHP helps adolescents heal and thrive while staying connected to their everyday lives.

While we strongly believe in therapy, life-style, and environmental changes, we also believe that medication may be helpful, and is sometimes needed, for people to achieve remission of their symptoms. We are pleased to offer evidenced-based medication management to individuals who need it and can incorporate faith-based practices (if desired) as a part of a comprehensive approach to the highest standards of care.

Visit our Psychiatry Services page to learn more about what we can do to help.

For 17 years we’ve specialized in helping your child reach his or her full potential. Our counselors will teach your child how to think more clearly, interact with parents/peers/siblings more effectively and find motivation to increase school performance.


We utilize parent coaching and family sessions to maximize your parental effectiveness. Our counselors care for children and adolescents and we want to help them make the proper transition into adulthood.

Somehow the Creator of the universe saw fit to engineer and design marriage to be between a man and a woman. Two different genders who think differently, feel differently and experience differently. Amazing, isn’t it?!?!


Because of this, marriage can be hard.


We understand this dynamic. But we also believe in YOU! And we want to help you navigate this potentially difficult relationship, because we believe it can be special. And we want to help.


We want to help you and your spouse empathize with each other, talk at a deeper emotional level and treat each other more kindly.

Lost your joy? You can be better. You have to be better. Life is meant to be so much more. And we want to help.

Through utilizing skills we can teach you, you will learn to think more clearly and approach life more mindfully so that you can serve and love your family and/or friends more efficiently.

Stop by our Individual Therapy page to find out how we can help.

For more information regarding Sexual Addiction Recovery @ The Timothy Center, check our Sexual Addiction page.


“I have counseled many men with sexual addiction issues. The common thread of despair and hopelessness in so many of these men has been their entanglement in pornography, obsessive compulsive sexual behavior, and/or unfaithful selfish acts toward those they love. It has not only devastated them personally but has broken their partner/spouse relationship to the core, and in many cases, devastated their families in a way that feels irreparable. If you are visiting here, then there must be a sense that you may be headed down this very destructive path or know someone that is.

What I would want you to know is there is hope. There is help available to you and your loved ones. There are therapeutic ways to change the trajectory of your brain from this cycle. And there is renewal and restoration awaiting you from our Almighty and All Knowing Heavenly Father. It’s never too late for forgiveness and freedom from the grip of compulsive sexual behavior and/or addiction.” – Dr. Jimmy Myers

We have groups for individuals, teens, couples, etc. Whatever age or lifestage you find yourself in – we can help.

We integrate and apply Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills training to teach you how to:

  • handle your emotions more effectively
  • navigate your relationships in a healthy manner
  • calm down when you feel stressed


Check out our Group Therapy page for more information. Contact us for days and times.

Note: While our program integrates DBT, our groups do not provide the full DBT protocol.

Don’t live in Austin? No problem! We conduct adolescent, couples and individual adult counseling online. We believe that your life can be better, and we want to help!


We can teach you how to approach your relationships with healthy boundaries, how to utilize your emotions more effectively, and how to think more clearly – all from your living room!