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Austin Christian Group Therapy

Since 2001, The Timothy Center has been meeting the mental healthcare needs of Austin, TX. We specialize in compassionate, Christian based treatments.

In addition to offering full psychiatric services with medication management and the top Intensive Outpatient Program in Austin, we also have the offer full therapy services.

Group therapy is a major part of our therapy program. We run group therapy sessions for adults, teens, couples, and more. Whatever you need, we can help.


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Benefits of Group Therapy

While group therapy may not be right for everyone, those who open themselves up to it may find the benefits far outweigh any negatives. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of group therapy:

  • Fellowship – An important part of group therapy is realizing that there are others like you and you aren’t alone. In a group you can all deal with similar issues and help fight off feelings of aloneness and alienation.
  • Accountability – Using positive feedback and encouragement can be a great way for the group to hold each other accountable. If everyone is doing similar things, it becomes obvious when someone falls behind or needs help.
  • Differing Viewpoints – Even if everyone is experiencing similar issues, circumstances may not be the same for everyone. Group therapy gives you an excellent opportunity to see the problem from a different set of eyes.
  • Self-Discovery –  Every one of us has parts about ourselves that we just can’t see, blind spots. In group therapy you can see windows into yourself through the struggles of others. You can see your issue reflected back to you in a knew way that reveals those blind spots.
  • Confidential – As with Individual Therapy, group therapy is completely confidential within the group. We require group therapy participants to maintain strict confidentiality outside of the group. 
  • Confidence – Through the fellowship and support of fellow group members, you will build confidence. This will help you to continue your learning and growing outside of group and in your day to day lives.


We understand that group therapy can be an intimidating and scary thing. You tend to have a heightened sense of vulnerability when in a group setting. If you can get past that feeling, you will see that the benefits of therapy in a group can be very rewarding for those suffering from a variety of mental health issues.

We Can Help

Whether you are a teen or an adult, having a quick talk with one of the mental health professionals at one of our treatment centers can help answer any remaining questions you have.

Our goal is to help identify how we can help improve your daily life through Group Therapy or any of our mental health services.

Whether you are suffering from negative thoughts, depression, self-harm, or any of a number of mental health issues, The Timothy Center can help. Contact us today for your confidential assessment.

Get the help you need and deserve.

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