Zion Montgomery, LMFT-A

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Alabama
M.A. in Professional Counseling, Marriage and Family Track, Texas State University
Zion found counseling was a part of her calling in a roundabout way. Planning to go to medical school, she majored in Chemistry for her undergraduate degree and began pursuing understanding the spirit, soul and body connection. After serving in a holistic nutrition clinic for a few years, and after pastoring for a while, she discovered the importance of understanding the mind, will and emotions in order to serve people fully and began her Masters with TX State University. 
Zion believes that we are created for relationship and in the inherent healing power of connection. No one exists in a silo. Relationships get messy and difficult and can often alter our perception of ourselves, our world and God. Working with individuals, Zion works to help people understand their pattern of attachment and new ways of being in their lives. With couples and families (especially families with teens; Zion and her husband have been student pastors for the past 6 years), she works to support communication and understanding to create a united and peaceful home. 

Phone: 512-331-2700

Email: appointments@timothycenter.com