Online Counseling

Distance Counseling/Consultations is a counseling approach that takes the best practices of traditional counseling and adapts them to clients via electronic means.  This not only maximizes the use of technology, but allows The Timothy Center to offer the same proven methods of psychotherapeutic counseling that have been successfully used for years in our local Austin offices to those who are home-bound, going to college, moving, in need of the convenience, or live outside of the Austin metro area. 

Technology needed: 

1. A device with a camera and microphone


It fits into your schedule

No more headaches stuck in traffic trying to get to a therapist’s office, and no more having to figure out kids schedules! Plus, with no travel time you don’t have to worry about fitting an appointment into your day.

You have options

You are no longer limited to local therapists. With online counseling you gain access to a group of therapists with decades of experience in Biblically-based psychotherapy.

It’s confidential

You don’t have to worry about running into anyone in the waiting room!!

It saves you time and money

No need to spend time and money on gas to and from the therapy office, and no need to hire the babysitter! You can do therapy while your kids nap or play downstairs!


It’s easy

No technical skills are required. All you need to book an appointment with one of our licensed therapists is a computer, webcam, and access to the Internet.

Email support

Once you’ve selected a therapist from below email to set up your first appointment.

Test the fit

At any point you can email your therapist directly to ask their approach to counseling.

Start your online session

Prior to your first session you will be email a link to, our telehealth platform. You will use this link to receive counseling.