Fearless Parenting

Jimmy’s latest book, Fearless Parenting, released July 2017. Here’s what others are saying:

“Excellent parenting book and I’ve read a lot of them. Underlined and dog eared just about every page. Highly recommend!”

“Best Parenting Book I’ve Read All Year”

​”It’s a great combination that offers practical tools for dealing with technology.”

​”Thank you thank you for renewing my faith in a tough time to raise kids. I wish the chapters on social media were more detailed with ideas on discipline and our children’s comparison with peers who appear to have little to no boundaries in this area.”

​”I read this book in two days flat. Amazing, practical advice from a very solid Biblical perspective. I’ve been recommending this one like crazy!”

​”I’m an anxious mama. When I see all that our kids have to deal with as they are growing into adulthood, sometimes it leaves me feeling paralyzed with fear. I have this part of the book underlined, because I needed it: “We must no longer protect and separate them from culture but prepare and train them to engage and ultimately transform culture.” If you’re a parent wondering how to navigate raising kids in a scary world, you’ll find this book valuable. Fearless Parenting has the data collected by Barna and the heart and wisdom of Myers, a psychologist. It’s a great combination that offers practical tools for dealing with technology, social media, materialism and how to parent intentionally. I’m grateful to Barna and Myers for this resource.”

Toe To Toe With Your Teen

See what parents are saying after reading Toe To Toe With Your Teen:

“I read your book, and I can say it is the first parenting book that truly hit home for us.  It was as though you had known our family all along as you penned each chapter.  It is clear that you understand the type of person my child is, and in 18 years of reading every book about strong-willed children, parenting, etc. I have never felt, until now, that anyone really got it.”

“I have a teen diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). This is by far the BEST tool I have found for parenting her.(I have two other kids without this disorder) For the first time it isn’t someone with a bunch of “feel good” bible quotes telling me that with prayer things will change. He gives me the tools I needed to start successfully parenting my daughter. We have just started implementing suggestions in this book and are already seeing a change in my daughters attitude and MINE! It puts the blame on the struggles we are having where they should be – MY faulty parenting and I LOVE that he is calling me out on my bull  Don’t get me wrong my daughter is at fault for her attitude too but with my change in the way I parent her, has brought about a change in her too!”

Suddenly Single

The Suddenly Single experience was something that I was not prepared for, and it was hard to accept. My dream in life was to be married and a stay-at-home mom. Everything, how I thought about myself and my world, was devoted to that plan. I had not planned on being divorced, a single mom, bankrupt, and living with my parents. I had not planned on a broken heart, a shattered sense of self, or desperate need. When it all fell apart, the ideal sense of self I had created to ensure those plans suddenly was exposed to be nothing more than a sham. I had no idea who I was or how to keep going. I felt trapped and helpless.

Little did I know that God would use my singleness as a bridge way to understand myself, my faith, and my calling for the first time. I thought I was simply trying to survive single parenthood and heal from my divorce, but God used it for much more. He gave me the freedom He had always intended, an identity that would come from hardship but one that I would love, and a calling that runs so deep there is no way I could ever stop. This book outlines the steps I took both biblically and therapeutically to find who I am and how I wanted to live.

Come Alongside

Hurting people are all around you. Come Alongside will train you with what to say and how to say it to be a catalyst for hope and healing. Come Alongside is an online training* that combines clinical counseling methods with Biblical Principles and a Spirit-empowered approach. Learn from a licensed Christian counselor how to navigate mental illness, addiction, marital conflict, and many other painful challenges with strategic skills and tactical tools.

*Individuals can complete the training online at their own pace. Churches and Non-Profit Ministries can request an in-person training workshop for staff and ministry volunteers.

“I think all of us desire to be used by God to help the hurting people around us.  We just don’t know how.  This material provides the practical tools to do just that.  I can’t recommend this highly enough!”
– Jimmy Myers, PhD, LPC-S, CSAT, Founder and CEO of The Timothy Center, Austin, Texas