Pairadocs is a unique marriage and parenting podcast that women will love and men won’t want to turn off. Jimmy and Josh will provide marriage and parenting insight, to be sure.  However, don’t be surprised if other topics emerge,  such as sports, entertainment, politics, or the latest episode of Pioneer Woman. Sorry about that last one – we have way too many women in our lives!
It is a podcast for anyone that has ever struggled in relationship. Any relationship; with kids, parents, spouse, or friends. No matter what life stage you find yourself in, you will find a connection with and come to love Jimmy and Josh.
The Pairadocs are a father-son duo with Ph.D.s in Counseling Psychology. They are both full-time adolescent/family therapists…and parents. Jimmy also happens to be a full-time granddad (or Ace, as we call him). They’ve not only studied family dynamics, they’ve lived it, together. Join them for this weekly podcast as they muse about faith, family and culture.

For more information visit them at www.pairadocspodcast.com