Jena Ehlinger, Pre-Grad Intern Supervised by Joey Prince


Bachelors Social Work–University of Texas

Working on my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University. Grief Counseling Certificate in progress.


Jena has a bachelor’s in Social Work and was halfway through her Masters many years ago when she was diagnosed with lupus nephritis. Her master’s was derailed due to the demands of treatment to heal the lupus and damage to her kidneys. She has a deep appreciation and compassion for the stress that serious illness causes for individuals and those who support them. She worked for a law firm for many years where she helped junior attorneys navigate the grueling demands of big law. Jena is no stranger to grief and loss and the healing required to overcome great loss. She became a widow at age 46 and raised her three children alone while learning how to rebuild her life and find herself after losing her college sweetheart and father of her three children. Eight years after losing her husband, she lost her middle son to fentanyl poisoning. She fought hard to have laws changed to stop the crisis and punish drug dealers. Jena believes that with the help of a counselor individuals can heal their wounds and become the person God created them to be. She stands firm that no matter what curve ball life throws at us, hope and joy can be found. Sometimes we just need help finding that hope and joy. She believes that God’s goodness will always bring blessings and growth from our most painful and difficult challenges.

Jena was married to a competitive triathlete and raised three athletes. Two were college athletes and one plays at a professional level. She understands the mental, emotional, and physical demands of competitive sports. She was raised in a loving home with two siblings, but her father was an alcoholic and died at a young age from alcoholism. This experience prepared her for working with people who also were raised in an unstable chaotic environment. She appreciates the importance of understanding attachment roles to overcome the wounds of an alcoholic home. She also believes play, laughter, and fun at any age can help heal some of the wounds from having to grow up quickly.


Phone: 512-331-2700