Chie Seshimo, LMSW-Supervised by Charles Yates


B.A. in Social Work, Northwestern College
M.A. in Social Work, Community Specialization, Baylor University


Chie is a licensed social worker. She always has had a heart for children, youth, and family. She worked at the temporary custody center and Free School with children and youth who struggled with self-esteem, social withdrawal, and behavioral challenges for four years. Her focus is to create a safe place where people can be accepted for who they are and identify strengths that already exist.

Chie has lived in three different countries: Japan, Korea, and the US, and learned about both collective and individualistic cultures through her living experiences. Her rich cross-cultural experience leads her to value and respect differences and to be interested in working with feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and being unaccepted.

She speaks three languages (Japanese, English, and Korean) and loves to try different ethnic foods whenever she has a chance. 



Phone: 512-331-2700