Abi Brown, M.A., LMFT-A
Supervised by Billy Myers


B.A., Psychology, Point Loma Nazarene University

M.A., Clinical Counseling, Point Loma Nazarene University


During my undergrad in California, I originally started out as a Fashion Merchandising major but quickly realized I was not interested in the fashion realm. I began to explore more courses in Psychology because I’ve always had a deep desire to help people. I really enjoyed what I was learning, because of the opportunities it provided in helping others establish healthier ways of interacting with themselves, their families, and the world we live in. Thus my journey towards becoming a counselor began!

While residing in California, I received my training at Sharp Mesa Vista Psychiatric Hospital where I served as a student therapist in the Eating Disorders Outpatient program. My time at Sharp was an incredible experience for learning and application of therapy, as I received training in informal Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help treat people struggling with Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Personality Disorders. I also worked for my school’s student-led therapy program, to provide therapy specifically for couples in the community, to establish healthier patterns of communication and connection.

In addition to my practicum experiences, I was a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association during my time as an undergrad and would spend an afternoon each week with older adults in the community who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I also was a volunteer at the Sam & Rose Stein Education Center, where I would get to interact with school-aged children who had various learning and developmental disabilities.

Through my experiences, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people. As a faith-based therapist, it is important to me that everyone knows how valued and loved they are. I believe that providing therapy is one of the best ways to spread that message, while serving my community.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our friends. We like to have game nights, try new recipes, work out, or watch a good movie. I also really enjoy going on walks. I grew up hiking and had to find a Texas-friendly version of that! 



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