Liana Cox, M.A., LPC- Associate Supervised by Liz Lawrence


M.Ed. Educational Psychology, The University of Texas Austin

B.A., Biology, St. Edward’s University


Counseling is a second career for Liana. She started out as a teacher and over the years began to realize she tended to care more about how students were doing than whether or not they turned in their homework. She worked as an educator in Memphis, TN and Denver, CO before moving back to her native Texas to study counseling at The University of Texas Austin. 


Liana believes that true healing happens in relationship with others and sees therapy as one of many avenues to do that work. She approaches counseling with the understanding that we all have ways of being and behaving that worked for us in one situation, but maybe don’t work as well anymore. It is her foundational belief that we have all been given the tools to be our most authentic selves, full of freedom and hope; sometimes we just need a little help finding those tools.


Liana predominantly works with teens and 20-30’s adults. While she is comfortable working with most concerns, she is particularly passionate about faith crises and deconstruction, body image and wellness, social justice, and the intersection of marginalized identities and western Christianity. She also has training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and can support treatment of anxiety, depression, and panic.


In her free time Liana loves to explore the Hill Country, hike, kayak, and camp. She believes in the healing power of nature and tries to be outside as much as possible. 


Phone: 512-331-2700